What is Copywriting?

Copywriting, by the very definition, is the “act or occupation of writing the text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing”.

Now that we have told you the definition of Copywriting, everyone reading this must have understood it right, right?.

Wrong, Copywriting is a vast topic and we need to understand all the aspects of it in detail.

Before going into detail, we need to understand that Copywriting is an art and there is a science behind writing a great “copy”.

The art that we are talking about is the art of capturing human attention with a few words and enticing them to buy whatever you are selling.

Now, this might not be a physical product but you might be selling your services, your virtual products or something else and you need to make sure that people buy it.

You must have understood that you can’t just expect people to buy the products just because you said so. Basically, you have to offer something to the people that they feel obliged to buy it from you and no one else.

This is basically the art and science behind Copywriting, the ability to write an ad copy or an article copy such that people are convinced that the product you are selling is right for them.

Talking about Copywriting, it is worth noting that Copywriting can be divided into different sectors of the society such as advertising as well as media (print or digital).

Therefore, you must have now understood that Copywriting is not just limited to writing an article, making advertisements or selling products but it is needed in every part of the world.

You must have also read that you need to do SEO, Designing, Content Marketing as well as other such things to grow as a brand or business. But it is worth noting that all of these areas require Copywriting so you need a copywriter everywhere.

I am sure you must have received at least a dozen emails or ad copies or SEO pitches which look generic and repetitive which gives you the feeling that you are not the only one who has received such a proposal.

However, Copywriting is where each ad copy, each email, as well as each SEO pitch, will be different and unique making sure that the copy that has been sent is at least read without being directly sent to the spam folder.

In this guide regarding What is Copywriting, we are going to tell you all about what you need to learn about Copywriting, how you need to approach the art of Copywriting as well as the responsibilities involved in this field.

But before that, we will give you a very simple example as yo what exactly is Copywriting.

You must have seen the countless emails, SEO pitches on social media platforms, and other proposals that have been sent to you on a daily basis?

Well, most of them are written by a Copywriter whose job involves writing copies that make a customer buy their services.

We have also seen that people get attracted to Copywriting because they have heard of it as being a

  • “A great way to make money while sitting at home”.
  • It does not require formal education.
  • Minimal investment is needed for you to make a career in Copywriting.

Yes, all of the above is mostly true as Copywriting can be a remote job and it does not require any degree plus you don’t need any investments too.

But there is much more to Copywriting than what meets the eye so without any more explanation, we are going to tell you exactly what is Copywriting.

What is Copywriting?

Source: Wikipedia

Copywriting involves the process of writing materials known as a “copy” which can be used in advertising materials, brochures, flyers, billboards, websites, and more.

It is worth noting that Copywriting has already become an industry worth $2.3 trillion worldwide and it is growing at a rapid pace.

Also, Copywriting will never die as long as people stop buying things all of a sudden. Because you need a “seller” to sell you things that are available for sale.

Copywriters are often referred to as salesman as well because they literally sell you products through their copy.

Many people also get confused between Copywriting and Copyrighting. People think that Copywriting is to protect your documents by getting exclusive legal rights so that no one else can replicate the same.

Well, that is Copyrighting and not Copywriting and most people don’t copyright their ad copy.

Now that we know what is Copywriting, we need to understand how the art of Copywriting works and what goes behind making a great copy.

So the first step involved in making a great copy is understanding the product, the audience that product is being sold to along with writing product description and conveying the same to customers.

Knowing about the Art of Copywriting in detail.

Copywriting, as we have already mentioned earlier, is definitely an art and it involves science as well. So a person writing copies can also be called an “artist” as well as a “scientist”.

So if you are an aspiring Copywriter, you can introduce yourself as an artist or scientist rather than a “Freelance Copywriter” for sure.

Enough of praising Copywriting and the Copywriters, we need to understand why it is such a difficult and skilful task to make copies.

As we have already told, Copywriting means that you are selling something and generating sales is the toughest part for any business since you need to make sure people are spending their hard-earned money on whatever you are selling.

Thus, Copywriting involves you to understand everything about the product you are selling in extreme detail.

Understanding every minute detail about your product as a Copywriter is key.

The first step involved in Copywriting is not writing the copy but rather understand everything about what you are selling.

It does make sense, doesn’t it?.

To sell your product, you need to first know about the product yourself otherwise how will you sell its great aspects to others.

There is a very interesting story about understanding the product, as highlighted by QuickSprout, which involves the great David Ogilvy who is a legend in Copywriting.

The story is as follows:

David Ogilvy was approached by Rolls-Royce back in the day where the company told him to make a great copy in order to sell their cars.

Source: HowToWriteBetter

So David Ogilvy accepted the proposal and said that he will need time to understand the product, car in this case, to write a great copy about it.

Rolls-Royce obliged to this request and gave a car for David to drive and understand the detailing around their new product.

After three weeks of studying the car, David Ogilvy came up with a brilliant tagline which read:

At 60 miles per hour the loudest noise in this Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.”

Note that it took David Ogilvy 3 weeks to understand that the best part about Rolls-Royce is it is quiet on the roads even at 60 miles per hour.

This copy did exceptionally well and people were ready to buy the car just because it was silent at such highspeed while other cars during that time made a lot of noise.

The moral of the story here is that you can’t just make a great copy just because you know the brand or have read about the product.

You need to understand the product by experiencing it first-hand in order to know what unique features it possesses.

If David Ogilvy had not used the car for three weeks, he might have come up with a generic copy which might not have converted into sales as this one did.

So the first step of Copywriting is to always understand the product you are selling in detail.

The next step involved in Copywriting is to write a compelling product description after you have understood the product.

Write a stellar product description

Now that you have completed the first step of Copywriting which is understanding the product, you need to describe what you understood about the product too.

Describing the product as a Copywriter is also key because you must have understood the product well but it does not matter if the description is not perfect.

On the topic of writing a great product description, there are a few steps involved as well which are the “how, what, why and which”

  • The “how” is regarding how well you describe the product?
  • The “what” involves what is so special about the product?
  • The “what” also involves what are the benefits that a customer would get after buying that product?
  • And finally, the “why” is regarding why should a customer buy the product and which are the problems that their product will solve?

How would you describe the product as a Copywriter?

Describing the product as a person who has understood is the key to selling it.

For describing the product, you don’t have to be extremely elaborate where you write paragraphs of the product but you don’t want to be too short as well.

So we have found that a few lines of the product description are enough as long as all the important details of the product are mentioned.

What is so special about the product you are selling?

This is one of the most common things you would need to address as a copywriter.

Because if you where in the place of a customer, you would also be wondering why you should get this product over the others.

So you need to make sure that the “uniqueness” and “specialness” of your product is mentioned.

What are the benefits if a customer buys the product?

Also important is to mention the potential benefits that customers will get on buying the product that you are selling.

If a customer doesn’t see any benefits on getting your product, they will not.

It is as simple as that.

So you need to make sure that the benefits that people will have on buying the product are highlighted so that people start understanding how their lives will get better on using that product in their activities.

What problems does your product solve?

As a Copywriter, you have understood the product and its benefits as well as know about the special things about your product.

You must have also told your customers how it will make their lives better.

However, you also need to question the reasoning behind someone to spend their money on a product.

To give you an example, you are selling a hair trimmer to your customers but they already have a pair of scissors.

So why would they buy your product?

You need to tell them that while a pair of scissors can do the job, a trimmer does the job better while eliminating the problem of “blind spots” as well as you can do it single-handedly.

It is utmost important to tell customers the problem your product is solving so that they feel it is worth their money.

Understanding your target audience

Now that you have understood the product as well as written a great product description and almost sold the products with your copy, you need to understand who you are selling to.

This is one of the major aspects of Copywriting which is to understand who your target audience is.

Let’s take another example

You are selling a pen by writing a great copy.

But you are selling it to customers who are using a laptop for typing.

So why would they buy your pen if they can easily type what they want on their keyboards?

Basically, you want to sell your pen who use a pen-and-paper solution and are already in the market for the same.

For that, you need to analyze the following which comes under Consumer Research:

  • Who currently buys your products?
  • Who else would you like to sell your product?
  • Where does your target audience work normally?
  • What is it that your customers already love about the product?

We do know that in a business, you already need to target new customers to bring in more sales.

But it is also important that you target customers that are already buying your products.

Those customers will be your base from where you can expand to a different area of potential customers.

Next up, you need to start the actual process of Copywriting.

For that, you have to write a Copy which includes the headline as well as the description.

Writing the best copy you have ever produced

The actual task for you as a Copywriter involves writing a copy which includes writing a headline, body as well as putting it all together to make sure that what you are selling is the only thing that your customers will buy.

Create an attention-grabbing headline

David Ogilvy quote on headlines

Finally, we are at the most important step of Copywriting which is to write a “copy”.

But first, you need to write a headline that captures the attention of customers.

Because statistically speaking, titles or headlines make or break a copy as found out in various surveys.

Almost 80% of the people are either buying your product or not just from your headline.

So you need to ensure that your headline is such that people have a chance of reading your copy.

If your headline is not good but your description is great, the copy will still be bad because the main part of your copy is not up to the mark.

Talking about great copywriting, you can check out The Android Lab which is also a website where I write (sorry for the self-plug) but it has the best copywriting I have ever seen on any website so far.

A few things you need to follow to create a great headline are:

  • Make sure that it is unique
  • It should be ultra-specific as well
  • There should be a sense of urgency or FOMO (fear of missing out) in your headline
    For eg: you can use words such as “limited period offer” or “offer till stocks last” etc.
  • Ensure that your headline is useful for the customers

Write a compelling copy for the product

Once the headline is out of the way, it is time to write the copy which needs to be

  • Persuasive
  • Provide value to the customers
  • Give benefits
  • And have a strong Call-to-action

To write a persuasive copy, you need to understand that humans have a very short span of attention

It is generally known that a person visiting your website or your brand page will be there for a maximum of 30 seconds.

If you are not able to capture their attention during this period, you will not convert them.

Let’s assume that you have written a copy that captures their attention, the next step is to have a strong call-to-action.

This can be in the form of a “Buy Now” button or something like “Go Here” or “Visit Us” or “Contact Us”

Because if you don’t have any Call-to-action, your Copywriting efforts are wasted since people don’t know what to do next.

Also important for a great CTA is the colour of your button, the text on that button as well as the positioning of the button.

Basically, that is all you need to write a great copy and we hope that this guide has helped you understand what is copywriting.

We do hope that you are able to write great copy after this guide and it helps you in following your passion.

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